Presenting a new ongoing body of work, 'The Dreaming Valleys / Cymoedd yn

Breuddwydio'. Instigated by local exploration in lockdown, and the discovery of a

landscape that has previously only existed in my memory and imagination, the work is

partly an essay on my teenage years growing up in rural Warwickshire in the 1990s.

Subsequently, devouring this environment in stages over the last few months, another

theme was suggested though place and atmosphere- within these isolated ancient

churches, standing stones and mature oaks, was there a different South Wales,

untouched and unblemished by the Industrial Revolution? To be seen in conjunction

with my other project, ’The Allure of Ruins / Atyniad Adfeilion’, which explores the

remains of that industrial history and its effects of the landscape, 'The Dreaming Valleys’

is a meditation on a divergent fictional history.